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Bass Station 2 Web editor

Control your Bass Station 2 synthesizer from your web browser. No more hidden parameters, now they are all visible on screen.
Save, load and even print your patches.
And, for the fun, let the application create a patch with the randomizer.
Open the editor and have fun!


This application requires a browser that support the Web MIDI API.
Currently, only Chrome and Opera support this standard. This editor will therefore not work in Firefox, Safari or IE or Edge.
This editor does not work on iPad or Android tablet either.

Quick demos


The editor is compatible with the Bass Station v2.5 firmware. However some features are not available within this editor.
For the following features you need to use the Novation Component website or application:
This editor has mainly been tested with Chrome on a MacBook pro running OS X 10.11. The editor also seems to work without problems in Linux as well as in Windows, with Chrome in each case.

Known issues


Keyboard shortcuts:


Bass Station 2 Web interface screenshot


This editor is open-source. You can checkout the code at GitHub: https://github.com/francoisgeorgy/BS2-Web
To contribute your bug fixes, new features, etc.: 1) fork the project, 2) create a pull-request.


Novation is a registered trade mark of Focusrite Audio Engineering Limited.
Bass Station II is a trade mark of Focusrite Audio Engineering Limited.
This editor is not endorsed by, directly affiliated with, maintained, or sponsored by Novation.