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Hi, I'm Fran├žois.

I'm a software developer and an amateur musician. I love guitars, synthesizers, effect pedals and of course writing software.

StudioCode is my little personal workshop where I share the applications and tools I create during my spare time.

When the W3C published the WebMIDI API and its support became available in some browers, it became very easy to develop applications that could communicate with MIDI-equipped synthesizers and effects pedals. You just needed some javascript knowledge and a browser.

I've always liked knowing how things work. Not having much experience with synthesizers, I wanted to learn by drawing inspiration from already existing presets and patches. But I don't like "hidden" parameters or "menu-diving" programming. I wanted to have all parameters visible at the same time.

WebMIDI was the solution. I already knew Javascript and web development in general. I had everything I needed to create the tools I wanted. And so, thus, StudioCode was born!

My first application was the Bass Station II editor. I could finally see all the parameters at the same time. Reverse-engineering presets and learning from them became much more easier.


Feel free to contact me if you have found a bug, have a suggestion for improvement, a great idea that I could help you make a reality or for any other subject related to music and software development.

I always try to respond as quickly as possible, but sometimes my family or work obligations do not allow me to give you an answer immediately. Thank you for your understanding.

To contact me, you can send a message to contact @ studiocode.dev or use Twitter, or even open a GitHub issue if the project is open-source.

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Thank you!

Last but not least:

If you want to discover some great music checkout the artists I follow and support on bandcamp.
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