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Ableton Live
Tips, plugins, configuration, MIDI, etc.
Articles related to Meris effect pedals.
Articles related to MIDI.
Modular synths
Articles about my Modular Synth journey...
Miscellaneous notes about the synthesizers I use.
ASM HydraSynthResources about the ASM HydraSynth synthesizer.
Ableton Live optionsoptions available in options.txt file for Ableton Live
Angle GrinderSchlappi Engineering Angle Grinder
Arturia DrumBrute ImpactElectronic Drum Synthesizer
Arturia MicroFreakResources about the Arturia MicroFreak synthesizer.
Audio PluginsInteresting audio plugins
Audio levelsAudio levels
Audio resourcesMiscellaneous resources about audio
Bass Station 2Resources about the Novation Bass Station 2 synthesizer.
Behringer 2600Synthesizer
Bluetooth MIDIHelp for connecting MIDI with Bluetooth
CablesCable recommendations for interconnecting Meris pedals.
ConductiveLabs NDLRConductiveLabs NDLR resources, tips and tricks
ElectronicsElectronics ressources Two of CupsTwo voices samples player
Eurorack notesMiscellaneous notes
Klavis CalTransModular calibrator and transposer
Korg SQ-1MIDI and CV sequencer
LinnStrument "Hidden" SettingsLinnStrument settings
LinnStrument resourcesLinnStrument resources
MIDI CC numbersCommon usage for MIDI CC numbers.
MIDI NotesMIDI note numbers and Middle C definition.
MIDI Pitch Bend
MIDI SpecificationsMIDI Specifications and high-level message format.
MIDI ToolsTools to help you debug MIDI issues.
MPE - MIDI Polyphonic ExpressionMy experiences with MPE.
Mac Audio MIDIMac Audio and MIDI.
Meris MIDIHelp for Meris pedals MIDI setup
Meris pedalsResources about Meris pedals
Meris pedals SysEx formatDescription of the SysEx format for the Meris effect pedals
Meris pedals checklistResources about Meris pedals
Modular Synth 101Starting in the modular synth world
Mordax DataMordax Data
My ModularMy current setup.
Nektar PacerResources about the Nektar Pacer MIDI foot controller.
NeuralDSP plugins and MIDINeural DSP plugins + Nektar Pacer, standalone mode and with Ableton Live.
Novation Bass Station 2 SysEx formatReverse engineering of the Novation Bass Station II SysEx format.
Novation resources
PWA - Progressive Web ApplicationsWeb Applications
Qu-Bit ChordQu-Bit Chord
Rossum Mob Of EmusModular utility
Shakmat Knight's GallopAlgo-Rhythmic Generator
Song structureNotes about song structures, parts, like chorus, verse, etc.
Sputnik Modular Variable Waveform GeneratorVariable Waveform Generator
Waldorf BlofeldResources about the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer.
WebMIDI - MIDI in your browserCheck if your browser supports WebMIDI. Configure your browser support.
Xaoc BatumiModular LFO
Xaoc Batumi - LFO modulated by LFOModular LFO
Xaoc OdessaModular oscillator
YouTube playlistsYouTube playlists
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