Bass Station 2 editor

  • Control your Bass Station 2 synthesizer from your web browser.
  • All of the Bass Station 2 parameters are visible on screen.
  • Save, load and even print your patches.
  • And, for the fun, leave the application create a patch with the randomizer.

Click here to open the application


This application requires a browser that support the WebMIDI standard.

Chrome and Opera support this standard. This app will not work in Firefox, Safari, Edge or IE.


  1. Open
  2. Allow the browser to use your MIDI devices
  3. If it's not already done, connect your Bass Station 2 to your computer.
  4. When the Bass Station 2 is connected the application logo will glow.
  5. Move a dial or a slider on your Bass Station 2, the corresponding on-screen control must move accordingly.
  6. Move a knob or a slider in the application, the corresponding parameter must follow in the Bass Station 2.
The logo glows when the Bass Station is connected and recognized by the application:


Bass Station 2 is disconnected:


Keyboard shortcuts:

  • A..G : play the corresponding note. Add Shift for sharp and Alt for flat.
  • SPACE : play the last played note
  • I : init
  • R : randomize
  • L : toggle latch
  • O : toggle arpeggiator
  • S (or P, or ESC) : stop the current note
  • Up, Down, left, Right : patch up / down


Double-click on any knob's label to reset the knob to its default value.


Application Menu


Open the Favorites panel.

You can save and recall your favorites patches here.

Your favorites are saved in your browser's local storage. No files are created.

A favorite is simply a URL with the following format:





Reset the application and the Bass Station 2 with the default values (init patch).


Randomize the parameters according to the Randomizer settings defined in the Settings panel.


Sync the application with the Bass Station 2. This is done by sending a request-for-sysex to the Bass Station 2.

Load patch

Open a dialog allowing you to select a sysex patch file (file with .syx extension). One loaded the patch is sent to the Bass Station 2.

Save patch

Open your browser's Save File dialog to save the current patch as a sysex dump file (file with .syx extension).

Patch sheet

Open a new window with the current patch displayed in a ready-to-print layout.

With Chrome you can even easily create a PDF file.


Open a samll window that will dump all the MIDI messages sent or received.


Open the Settings panel. Within this panel you can configure:

  • the MIDI channel to use to communicate with your Bass Station 2
  • the randomizer


Display the About dialog.

Bass Station 2 MIDI messages

The MIDI parameters are documented in the official Novation Bass Station 2 user manual.

SysEx Dump

The application is able to receive and decode SysEx dumps coming from the Bass Station 2 ("FN-Key Global: Dump") as well as .syx patch files.

The SysEx dump format is not documented by Novation. I have reverse-engineered it and you can find the result in my other project BS2-SysEx.


Click on About to view the list of libs used to build BS2-Web.


Novation is a registered trade mark of Focusrite Audio Engineering Limited.

Bass Station II is a trade mark of Focusrite Audio Engineering Limited.

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