The Modulators Application provides simple MIDI LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) directly in your browser.

This application is made for experimental usage. It is convenient when you need some LFO to quickly drive some external MIDI hardware. You don't have to open a DAW or any other application. You open the Modulators web page, and you are ready to launch the LFOs.

Performances and Limitations

A browser is not a DAW. It does not have the same capabilites and stability.

The internal clock of the browser runs, usually and at best, at 60Hz (see the technical doc for all the details). The browser therefore has about 1/60 = 16ms to do all his job and that mainly includes computing the next values of the modulators and updating the waveforms.

In order not to skip frames, try to minimize the load on the browser:

  • use a recent computer (that is, to say, a fast computer).
  • do not run more than 4-5 modulators at the same time.

If you need more modulators than the browser can handle, or if the modulators skip too many frames, open another instance of the Modulators application in a second browser window (or another tab).

You may not be able to run 10 modulators at the same time in one Modulators instance, but you should be able to run 5 modulators twice in two browser windows.

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