Pacer editor

Configure your Nektar Pacer MIDI controler with your web browser.


This application requires a browser that support the WebMIDI standard.

Chrome and Opera support this standard. This app will not work in Firefox, Safari, Edge or IE.


The current version of this editor isn't able to edit the Global configuration of the Pacer.

This editor does not offer patches management either.

This app has mainly be tested with Chrome on a MacBook pro running OS X 10. Some tests have been done with success with Chrome under Linux Mint 17.1. The application has never been tested under Windows. Any Windows feedback is very welcome.

Still under active development. Feel free to log bugs/issues. This is a development I'm doing during my freetime.


This editor is an Open Source project. You are welcome to contribute.

To contribute your bug fixes, new features, etc.: 1) fork the project, 2) create a pull-request.


Thank you to the Nektar support service for having provided precious informations regarding the SysEx data format of the Pacer. This editor would not have been possible without their support.


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