Reference Manual

Keyboard shortcuts

Toggle Second WindowCmd-Shift-W
Toggle Device/Clip ViewShift-Tab
Hide/Show BrowserCmd-Alt-B
Show/Hide Plug-In WindowsCmd-Alt-P
Deactivate (lots of things)0
Play from Start Marker/StopSpace
Continue Play from Stop PointShift-Space
Play Arrangement View SelectionSpace
Play from Insert Marker in Selected ClipAlt-Space
Back to ArrangementF10
Activate/Deactivate Track 1..8F1...F8
Arm Selected TracksC
Solo Selected TracksS
Deactivate Selected Track0
Select Material in LoopCmd-Shift-L
Split Clip at SelectionCmd-E
Toggle Loop SelectionCmd-L
Zoom to Arrangement Time or Clip SelectionZ
Zoom Back from SelectionX

Must watch

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Use the Second Window: choose "Second Window" un the View menu.

Shortcut: ⇧⌘W (Shift-Cmd-W)

Position windows side by side under OSX:

Back to Arrangement button

When the button is lit, Ableton is just saying "I have sounds in both session and arrangement view. I'll play the session sounds.".

Clicking the button is telling Live "Ok, now let's play the arrangement view".

More: Learn Live 10: Moving between Session and Arrangement Views


Things to try with Live :

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