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Firmware update:

From the website:

Allows a new way to access ALT parameters without auto-saving a preset. (You can now access the Alt parameters w/o auto-saving by holding the Right LED/button while turning a knob.)

For ENZO: The mod also enables more control over Enzo’s fully wet volume. There is a new 6dB volume taper at the end of the MIX knob for controlling fully wet volume.

See Meris website:

Using an external MIDI controlers:

Using the right cables:

To chain several Meris pedals together in stereo you need an insert cable (or Y cable):

Check the Cables page in the Support section for more information.

Stereo setup:

The input jack on all Meris pedals can be set to accept a TRS stereo input signal. You will need a TRS-Y cable adapter to connect the L and R input cables to the TRS stereo input. You must set your Meris pedal to TRS Stereo input in the global settings mode. The TRS Stereo LED will light on the back of your pedal when in this mode.

How do you use Meris pedals in Mono?

Meris pedals ship from the factory in mono input mode. Plug your instrument or previous pedal in the chain into the input jack with a standard unbalanced mono 1/4” cable. Use the LEFT output jack for mono operation. Any stereo effect from the pedal will be converted to mono when the LEFT output jack is connected alone.

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