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LinnStrument "Hidden" Settings

LinnStrument settings



Per-Split Settings

Press PER-SPLIT SETTINGS button to enter per-split settings.

columnsetting"hidden" setting
MIDI MODEChPerNotehold button longer --> Force MPE Settings
MIDI MODEChPerRowhold button longer --> Reverse Row Order
BEND RANGE+/-24hold button longer --> Any Bend Range
PITCH/XRow 5--> Reset On Release
TIMBRE/YOnhold button longer --> High/Low Limits
TIMBRE/YCC74hold button longer --> Message select (any CC number and poly and channel pressure)
TIMBRE/YRelativehold button longer --> Initial Value
LOUDNESS/ZOnhold button longer --> High/Low Limits and 7/14 bit
LOUDNESS/ZCC11hold button longer --> CC select
COLORPlayedhold button longer --> Light Animations for played pad (16 different)
LOW ROWX=CC1hold button longer --> mode (hold or fader) and CC select (or channel pressure)
LOW ROWXYZ=CC16-18hold button longer --> mode (hold or fader) and 3 times CC select (or channel pressure)
SPECIALCC Fadershold button longer --> 8 times CC select (select via right edge pads)

Global Settings

Press GLOBAL SETTINGS button to enter global settings.

columnsetting"hidden" setting
VIEWRow 4 --> Left Hand Mode (Pads can be indidually colored, by sending CC20=column, CC21=row, CC22=color to LinnStrument)
ROW OFFSET+Octavehold button longer --> Any row offset
ROW OFFSETGuitarhold button longer --> Independent row tunings (select row by pad on right)
ROW OFFSETNo selection --> no offset
SELECT SWFoot R and Foot L together --> virtual third foot switch, actuated by pressing both foot switches together (action is upon release then)
ASSIGN SWTap Tempohold button longer --> Extra switch assignments:
--- Legato, Arpeggiator Latch, Preset +/-, Pitch slide on/off
--- In addition, only for foot switches: LinnStrument sequencer control: play, previous, next, clock, mute
VELOCITY SENSHighhold button longer --> High/Low Limits
VELOCITY SENSFixedhold button longer --> fixed value
special: hold button "Actions Calibration" while tapping button "Pressure Sensitivity Medium" --> Touch Sensor Prescale
POWER/MIDIMIDI Jackshold button longer --> swipe to select THRU --> MIDI Thru
POWER/MIDIUSBhold button longer --> USB MIDI Data Reduction
POWER/MIDISleephold button longer --> Sleep display select & Timer select (sleep after n minutes of inactivity)

Audience Messages

Note pads in column 1 through 16 of the top row --> Audience Messages (hold longer --> edit mode for these texts) |

Step Sequencer

Toggle Left/Rightpress Split
Change sequence length (end step)Hold Settings (Switch 1) while pressing the desired end step in the Step Select Bar (left side of lower row)
Note editHold note for longer, or Step Select Bar (if more thare one note on step, these are rotated through)
Leave note editPress unlit are (middle column/s)
Jump to stepHold Play (Switch 2) while pressing step in Step Select Bar
Play only viewed sequence trackHold Settings (Switch 1 - TYPO) while pressing Play (Switch 2)

Sequencer Settings:

Lower row switches between 4 settings screens:

Other Buttons



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