MIDI and CV sequencer


Syncing :

Mode selectortime divisionsync
"WW" ALTERNATE1/4 notex2
"Z" ORDER1/8 notex2
“<=>“ PARALLEL TURN1/16 notex2
"=>" CV DUTY1/8 notex1
"=>" CV SLIDE1/16 notex1

SYNC X2 = 1 sync clock advances 2 steps / SYNC x1 = 1 sync clock advances 1 step

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Sync voltage setup (undocumented)

source: https://op-forums.com/t/korg-sq-1-sync-out-to-po-12/5486/7

In Global Parameter mode, turning the Duty/Function button off (unlit) will cause sync-out clock voltages to be higher than normal (additional 4 volts).

Turning the Duty/Function button on (lit) in Global Parameter mode sets clock voltages to the default (under 1v).

Easily specifying the pitch for each step

When adjusting the pitch for each step of the sequencer, it is time-consuming to make adjustments while the sequencer is running. In such cases, the STEP JUMP function is helpful. Since this function is available even when the sequencer is stopped, you can press the button of the step for the pitch you want to adjust, causing the pitch of that step to sound as long as you hold down the button. (The GATE opens, and the CV voltage of the pitch specified for that step is output.) In this STEP JUMP state, you can turn a knob while holding down the button of the step you want to adjust, and quickly adjust the pitch of the appropriate step.

Q. When connecting the SQ-1 to a MIDI device, how do I set the channel B MIDI channel?

A. In global parameter setting mode, you can use the 16 step buttons to specify the channel A MIDI channel (1--16), but the channel B MIDI channel is always assigned as one higher than the channel A MIDI channel.

SQ-1 Sync out

Top signal is SYNC OUT

Middle signal is GATE

Bottom signal is CV

04_sync-x21/4 Sync x2

08_sync-x21/8 Sync x2

16_sync-x21/16 Sync x2

04_sync-x11/4 Sync X1

08_sync-x11/8 Sync X1

16_sync-x11/16 Sync X1

Drumbrute Impact Sync out





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