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Song structure

Notes about song structures, parts, like chorus, verse, etc.

Common song sections/parts are:


Brings the song up from non-existence.


This is the repeating part of the song. It is usually also the most defining part of the song.


A hook is the part of the song that is used to stick in the listener’s head. The reprise is almost always the hook, but there can be multiple hooks in one song.


the pre chorus comes right before the reprise/chorus. It’s used as a transitional segment that builds the tension before the chorus begins. A well designed pre-chorus is often the difference between a pro song writer and a novice song writer.


The verse is the counter section to the reprise. It’s a place to explore and develop the song ideas that ultimately culminate in the reprise, with more allowance for variation and development.


A bridge is a transitional segment that brings one section into another. While technically a pre-chorus is a bridge, often a bridge is thought of as a piece that bonds two similar sections together. In other words, a pre-chorus brings the verse to the chorus. A bridge may bring that chorus to another chorus, or a verse to another verse. It’s a way to rejuvenate life into a repeating section.


Brings the song into non-existence.

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