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You can set the drone trigger to play on chord trigger (5 dots) and no beats played (all squares empty).

With quantize turned off, everything changes the instant you hit one of the chord buttons.

MIDI clock

Turning off midi clock out is located in the global settings menu.

To enter press and hold [shift + menu] and powercycle the NDLR it will load in the global settings menu.

Press motif 1 to toggle the clock out setting, then press panic/motif1/2 toggle at the upper center-right of the unit.

Factory reset

To do a Factory Reset:

  1. Unplug The NDLR from USB.
  2. Hold the Shift and Menu buttons while plugging in USB.
  3. Press the PAD button to reset. This will set everything to out of box condition.
  4. Press the Motif 1/2/PANIC button to exit.



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