Waldorf Blofeld

Software editors for Blofeld

  • http://www.monstrummedia.com/product/feld/ : monstrumFeld, Windows and OS X stand-alone editor. VST version for Mac and Windows. Commercial.
  • http://bigglesworth.it/ : Cross-platform editor and librarian (Linux, OSX and Windows). Free.
  • https://www.mysteryislands-music.com/product/waldorf-blox-audiounit-vst-librarian-editor-plug/ : Waldorf bloX AudioUnit & VST Librarian Editor Plug-in. Commercial.
  • https://12decode.de/GOFTER/ : GOFTER (pronouned: "ge-oh-ef-te-eh-er") is a MacOS X system exclusive messages based sound editor for Waldorf's Blofeld Synthesizer
  • https://www.blofeldweb.com/ : wedmidi editor and librarian
  • https://tonetweak.com/blofeld : sysex sound editor for your Waldorf Blofeld - right in your web browser
  • http://www.filthyfilterz.com/ : Blowfield, standalone app for OS X & Windows and also as a Max For Live
  • https://gumroad.com/l/BlofeldCTRL : Blofeld CTRL is a midi/sysex max for live device to control the Waldorf Blofeld
  • https://www.audiobombs.com/items/39/waldorf-blofeld-editor-for-tbms : editor for TB Midi (iOS app)
  • http://www.softknobs.com/ : Standalone software editor for the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer (OSX, Windows)
  • http://www.rekonaudio.com/products/waldorf/vst-au-blofeld-editor : VST and standalone app (Mac OSX, Windows)
  • http://lady.rdsor.ro/~kotro/index.php?m=soft : Waldorf Blofeld Wavetable Creator 1.00 (free)(2011.07.12)
  • https://f0f7.net/fe/#/SysexLibrarian : LASER Mammoth is a SysEx Librarian

MIDI controllers for Blofeld


A selection of Youtube playlists and videos:

Mark Pigott : Waldorf Blofeld Tech

Synthesizer Video Service : Blofeld Sound Programming

Synthesizer Video Service : Blofeld Video Manuals

Synthesizer Video Service : Waldorf Blofeld

Synthesizer Video Service : Demonstrations

Miscellaneous resources:

  • https://www.elektronauts.com/t/asm-hydrasynth-tips-and-tricks-thread/119081
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