Meris pedals checklist

Most important rule: check your cables! 9 times out of 10, when you have a problem, it's because of a cable.

MIDI is not working :

  • Make sure that:
    • You are using a TRS (stereo) cable
    • The MIDI interface (e.g. Meris MIDI I/O) is powered on
    • The Meris pedal is powered on
    • The cable is connected between the MIDI interface and the pedal's EXP input
    • In Global Settings:
      • EXP MODE is set to MIDI
      • MIDI is set to MIDI OUT
      • You know the MIDI CHANNEL configured
    • The MIDI application uses the same channel as the pedal

The editor does not work as expected :

  • The editor does not show the pedal current config:

    • Select a preset
    • Refresh the browser window
    • Send a SysEx from the pedal
  • The editor does not work:

    • Check MIDI channel in editor and pedal
    • Check pedal MIDI config (see above)
    • Select the input device
    • Select the output device
    • Refresh the browser window
    • Check MIDI is allowed in the browser

Sound only in left channel :

  • Make sure that:
    • You are feeding a stereo signal into the pedal
    • The cable is TRS (stereo)
    • Or set input to MONO if you want only mono or if you feed a mono signal (e.g. signal from a guitar)

Bluetooth MIDI :

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