PWA - Progressive Web Applications

Some web applications can be installed, like a regular, native application.

Once installed:

  • The application has its own icon. You can open it directly by double-clicking its icon.
  • The application will automatically update itself when a new version is available.
  • You can use the application while being offline (no internet connection).

Note: this is still quite an experimental feature. It's still evolving. The best support is offered by the Chrome browser.

I can not open any support. In case of problem, please consult the Google Support pages and/or search Google (keyword: PWA). There's a ton of good and helpful articles on the web.

Applications that can be installed and used offline:

At the moment, the following applications have been updated to support the PWA mode:

  • Nektar Pacer Editor

Coming soon: Enzo, Mercury and Polymoon editors.


Click the "Install" icon:


Then click on the "Install" button:



You can find your application under chrome://apps. Double-click the application icon to launch it.


You can also create a shortcut on your Desktop.


You can uninstall the application from the application itself or from its icon/shortcut.

From the application:

Open the upper-right menu:


and select the Uninstall command.

From its icon/shortcut:

Right-click the icon and select the "Remove from Chrome..." option.



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