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Meris Mercury7

If you have both the Enzo and the Mercury7, this page shows both editors side-by-side.


Checklist in case of problem:

Resources on the web

Manufacturer site: https://www.meris.us/product/mercury7-reverb-pedal/


Guides to setting up MIDI control of your Meris Pedals

Flat cables

Flat type cables save a lot of space on a pedalboard.

To chain several Meris pedals together in stereo you need an insert cable (or Y cable):

Flat insert cable by EBS

To connect a Merid pedal to the Meris MIDI I/O interface you need a stereo cable:

Flat TRS cable https://shop.warwick.de/en/RockBoard+by+Warwick/Flat+TRS+Cables

Bluetooth MIDI

A small Bluetooth MIDI adapter such as the Quicco Sound mi.1 or Yamaha MD-BT01 is a very convenient way to connect the MIDI I/O interface to your computer.

Quicco Sound mi.1
Quicco Sound mi.1
Yamaha MD-BT01
Yamaha MD-BT01
MIDI Bluetooth adapter on MIDI I/O
MIDI Bluetooth adapter on MIDI I/O

If you have a Mac, use the Audio MIDI Setup application:

Mac Audio Setup Application