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Articles about my Modular Synth journey...

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Angle GrinderSchlappi Engineering Angle Grinder Two of CupsTwo voices samples player
Eurorack notesMiscellaneous notes
Klavis CalTransModular calibrator and transposer
Korg SQ-1MIDI and CV sequencer
Modular Synth 101Starting in the modular synth world
Mordax DataMordax Data
My ModularMy current setup.
Qu-Bit ChordQu-Bit Chord
Rossum Mob Of EmusModular utility
Shakmat Knight's GallopAlgo-Rhythmic Generator
Sputnik Modular Variable Waveform GeneratorVariable Waveform Generator
Xaoc BatumiModular LFO
Xaoc Batumi - LFO modulated by LFOModular LFO
Xaoc OdessaModular oscillator
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