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MIDI support in the browser

WebMIDI is supported by the following browsers:

The above list is a summary as of November 1st, 2020.

For a complete overview of the current WebMIDI support, see:

Other resources

ASM HydraSynth
Resources about the ASM HydraSynth synthesizer.
Ableton resources.
Ableton PUSH resources
Ableton PUSH resources
Arturia MicroFreak
Resources about the Arturia MicroFreak synthesizer.
Bluetooth MIDI
Help for connecting MIDI with Bluetooth
Cable recommendations for interconnecting Meris pedals.
ConductiveLabs NDLR
ConductiveLabs NDLR resources, tips and tricks
LinnStrument "Hidden" Settings
LinnStrument settings
LinnStrument resources
LinnStrument resources
MIDI Resources
MIDI CC Usages
MIDI CC Usages
MIDI Tools
Tools to help you debug MIDI issues.
MIDI notes numbers and Middle C
MIDI note numbers and Middle C definition.
MPE - MIDI Polyphonic Expression
My experiences with MPE
MPE with Ableton Live
How to use MPE with Ableton Live
Max4Live resources
Max4Live resources
Meris MIDI
Help for Meris pedals MIDI setup
Meris pedals
Resources about Meris pedals
Meris pedals SysEx format
Description of the SysEx format for the Meris effect pedals
Meris pedals checklist
Resources about Meris pedals
Nektar Pacer
Resources about the Nektar Pacer MIDI foot controller.
NeuralDSP plugin and MIDI
Configuring NeuralDSP plugins for MIDI control
Novation Bass Station 2 SysEx format
Reverse engineering of the Novation Bass Station II SysEx format.
Presets librarians
Presets librarians
Waldorf Blofeld
Resources about the Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer.
Web Audio MIDI dev
Resources and notes about Web MIDI and Web Audio.
WebMIDI - MIDI in your browser
Check if your browser supports WebMIDI. Configure your browser support.
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